WooCommerce Sample CSV

Adding WooCommerce Bulk Products

Your store may appear blank right after WooCommerce is installed. There is no product, order or review. This is deliberate so you can start building your own products and tuning the WooCommerce product exactly the way you want it.
But if you want to see what a store full of products looks like, you can batch upload a product using an xml or csv file with a list of products.

WooCommerce Products Import

Download the WooCommerce demo products csv file to your computer:
Download sample CSV file
Then it's time to load!
From the WordPress Dashboard:
1) In the menu: Select Tools > Import .
2) Click Run importer under WooCommerce products (CSV).
3) Choose Choose file and then select the woocommerce-sample-products.csv file you downloaded.
4) A Column Mapping screen appears. Go ahead and finish the process.

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