Online multi line slug generator

Multiline-slug is a bulk slug generator written in jQuery that converts multi-line strings, words or text into SEO-friendly and human-readable URL slugs, permalinks, etc. Supports multiple languages using accent and special characters.

Input string:

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Output Slug:

How to online slugify your text into a slug?

How to generate slug from string online?
  • Enter one or more article, tutorial, webpage or website title texts in the input field.
  • Specify whether you want to delete the stop Words.
  • Specify whether you want to delete numbers and digits.
  • Specify whether you want to separate words with hyphen ( - ), underscore ( _ ), em dash ( — ) or en dash ( – ) .
  • Click on the Slugify button to batch generate multiple slugs at a time.

Creating slugs for domain names is a great way to turn common phrases in to searchable Search Engine friendly domain names. You can try multiple methods of using plain text to generate URL friendly domain names and permalinks. Slugifying is a common practice to get a short, unique, web friendly word from a phrase or name. WordPress slug URLs are used within WordPress to create unique permalink URLs for each post and page. So if you want to add this type of feature to automatically generate your normal text into SEO url friendly link then here I am going to share simple jQuery plugin which help you to generate burl slug url.
texto masivo en línea generador de URL slug slugify
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